Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cake Stand!

How to make your own cake stand for CHEAP!

1. Gather supplies. You will need a sturdy candle holder, a ceramic plate. sand paper, spray paint, super glue and a sharpie.

2. Remove any excess paint or debris from the plate and candlestick with the sandpaper.
3. Turn your plate face down on the table. Center the candlestick and draw a circle around it with your sharpie.

4. Apply super glue to the top of the candlestick and right inside the circle you drew on the bottom of the plate.

5. Adhere pieces. Allow to dry per manufacturer instructions.

6. When your stand is in one piece, take it to a well ventilated area to spray paint it.
7. Apply several coats, allowing each coat to dry for a few hours before applying a new one.
8. And 24 hours after your final coat, you have...

A Fabulous New Cake Stand!

Now go bake something to put on it :)

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