Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Homemade cleaners

 This weekend I decided to try out some of the natural cleaning solutions I've seen all over Pinterest. I now have a super clean bathroom and toaster oven as a result!

To clean the yucky grime from my toaster oven, I combined cream of tartar with water to make a paste. I dipped a scrubbie into the mixture and scrubbed that grime right off the rack and crumb tray.

For the bathroom, I filled an empty (and clean!) spice shaker with baking soda and a spray bottle with vinegar. Sprinkle the baking soda on whatever it is you're cleaning, spray with vinegar and watch it bubble. Wipe away with a washcloth and give it a rinse. You're done!

I did test this mixture's power against Lysol all-purpose cleaner with bleach (because the vinegar smell was not appreciated by F-hubby's nose) and found that while they both work, the Lysol required more scrubbing than the natural mixture on hard water stains. Plus the vinegar smell doesn't last long.

Now I used a LOT of these products when I was testing them, but that's what happens when you're trying new things. I will slowly decrease the amounts of everything needed to figure out how much is really needed to get my house clean.

I have to admit it was kind of fun to create my own cleaning supplies (and I HATE cleaning!) Maybe it was the bubbly reaction of the baking soda and vinegar that did it for me :)

I hope this encourages you to try some new cleaning ideas at your house. Or any other new ideas you find on Pinterest. After all, that's what it should be used for. Turn those pins into something real!

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